Monday, September 27, 2010

Direct Marketing Manager: your direct sales beyond

With the external environment, the gradual recognition of the direct marketing, more and more companies concerned about the direct sales of this model, even in transition to direct selling companies, which promote the direct selling industry demand for qualified personnel increased sharply. Particularly good direct marketing manager, worth more than a million. And traditions of different professional managers, direct sales manager good is gravely deficient. Meanwhile, the direct selling enterprises and direct trust between the manager, but is also considered very low.

Direct marketing manager "original"

So, the current environment, the domestic direct selling what are types of managers? Through the analysis of the entire direct marketing environment, we can easily find the current domestic direct sales managers are mainly the following types:

1, from foreign well-known direct selling company executives, such as Amway, Avon and other cross-border direct marketing giants. From overseas, with a high degree; years of direct senior management experience; years, large multinational companies to help develop the Chinese market has accumulated a large number of personnel resources, especially good government relations; annual salary is generally a million; these are such direct marketing manager's characteristics and advantages.

2, by the successful transition from the direct dealer manager. And the first direct comparison managers, such managers from being subjected to Jiaoyuchengdu, overall quality, management experience, teamwork Neng Li, long-term strategic planning and thinking and Du obviously Chuyuruoshi, Dan more familiar marketing Huan Jing, Bentu combat experience rich, can be grouped into "guerrilla" Legion.

3, from the traditional industry executives to switch from the manager. These people have the wealth manager, management experience, and Zhang Qi direct attention to development of the industry, focus on corporate strategy for long-term planning, but lack direct selling industry combat experience made them Chuli degree from the things Lai Po Xian flexible enough to reflect insensitive, requiring a longer adaptation period.

4, who is the boss (investor) and the direct manager of the identity of the person. This type has divided into two, if the owner is very familiar with the direct selling industry, would be more in the operating smoothly, otherwise, is cautious, need to charge a number of twists and turns.

Several types of direct marketing over the manager direct sales companies throughout China, but actually in the business environment play an important role, leading direct selling companies to "nirvana" and trivial. In the management process is not overly dependent on direct sales of this model while ignoring corporate strategy, corporate culture and institution-building, direct sales company that is unable to communicate with the owner of a virtuous policy consensus which led to waving. Since the industry's first burst House Industry Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Neptunus Neptune Health House Fan Yu Lin CEO since he took office 88 days after the sudden resignation, direct marketing manager jobs frequently news constantly, which strongly impact on the image of direct marketing manager, direct sales manager the quality of the gradual often criticized by outsiders.

The quality of direct managers fault, and domestic business schools in the absence of direct selling is not unconnected, and the direct manager also impetuous, arrogant attitude and poor compression and quality issues are closely linked.

In the United States, South Korea, Japan, the direct sales market has been very mature in their country's business school marketing professional, and at least there will be more than 20 hours is to teach the content of direct learning, but no major business school in the country notes this field blank in the business of teaching. This lack of education caused most of the domestic direct sales manager out of the market line Mang Fu hustle, lack of a systematic discipline based on knowledge and experience in analysis and synthesis, so that these direct sales staff in the process towards direct marketing manager , the difficult to break through concepts, ideas on the bottleneck, and thus can not be a good understanding of corporate strategy and culture. And frequently change jobs, vanity role, together with immature external environment in which a number of direct sales manager insurmountable emotional disorders, and thus stopped.

How to go beyond direct sales direct sales manager?

With the trend of direct selling market Zhubu mature, distributors Yeyuelaiyue Li Xing, they Zhu Jian Mingbaichuantong Xiaoshouqiye and direct selling companies in addition to marketing Moshi Butongyiwai, more so in corporate culture, system, mechanism there exist considerable differences and conflicts between . Enterprises to withstand the turbulent market economy, in the brutal competition in the most populous, need more advanced and scientific management experience and system to boot. This determines the quality of management is more important to them. From the development trend, the company's management than the quality of direct understanding of the industry is more important. So, making the best direct marketing manager, standard gradually appear, there is no doubt that this will promote the growth of a number of direct sales professionals to find the direction, and gradually enrich the direct marketing industry, the team manager.

So, what kind of professional managers in the end the best talent is now direct the development of enterprises? We can start with related media named the 2006 top ten direct marketing manager to a small glimpse of the overall quality of clues. Top Ten success of the relevant agencies who covers multinational direct sales manager, direct sales company in China for direct selling business people and local executives, most leading companies in related industries to which the performance of non-Fei. Ten successful professional managers, although managers in different, different personality, distinctive style of management, but basically possesses the design or the firm's strategy deep Lijienengli; are deep plowing in the corporate culture of the construction and dynamic enterprise mechanism upgrade; are engaged in direct selling industry for many years and to control a strong network of resources.

Thus, direct marketing is only a model, direct marketing company first and foremost a business, the company's management can not do without the correct interpretation of corporate strategy and improve the corporate culture. Direct managers first need to get out "eyes only for direct sales," the error, the correct attitude to look at the development of a direct selling business and management issues. A certain scale of traditional direct sales experience in the company's executive manager, know how to understand how the business development strategy through effective implementation of the terminal in the management of cash as profit. With the quality manager can get along better with business owners and business owners exploiting the boundary with the way singing. From the top ten success in direct sales manager's evaluation is not difficult to find, and business owners have a consensus on the strategic depth of operations is to obtain a high degree of trust and move towards success.

Secondly, practitioners have had direct experience or direct sales industry model can accurately interpret, and accumulated the required business connections, direct sales manager is a very important one of professional quality. Familiar with the operation of direct selling model, with extensive experience in direct sales, direct sales force to promote market development team to overcome the problems encountered during the process, through effective skills training, incentives, build a strong direct sales team to achieve high performance . And the control of a strong network of direct sales network managers to better use these networks to reduce the difficulty of team members to develop new markets, thus reducing unit of time, ahead of the completion of business plans. Among the top ten success of direct marketing manager, more than half of the people's own emphasis on team training exception, and bending here.

Third, have a good brand operational capability and crisis management capacity is also very important. Currently, competition in any product will quickly into white-hot stage, whether it is traditional business or to direct the core of direct marketing companies for marketing, are not open around the building a strong corporate branding. The intense competition and improve the system of social control, but also will cause a crisis event there are more difficult to predict, these are all direct sales manager's brand planning capacity and emotional tone ( ability to make a high demand section. 2006 Top Ten success of the perfect leader in direct marketing manager (Chinese) President Hu Rui Lian is to take steps to promote the perfect (China) to promote the work of advanced product development company, completed a strategic goal, which was defined by success of. The Amway (China) General Manager of De-Yin Zheng in the help too processed, "the British Te Laide" incident, and began cleaning up after the doors and severe purging to obtain a greater development platform.

In addition, and business growth closely tied, was the direct manager's "ability to learn." In 1983, the British Shell conducted a survey of Fortune 500 companies how long the life cycle, and the results kept confidential for 15 years announced. The survey shows that these very sophisticated companies on average life expectancy is only 30 to 40 years, less than half of ordinary life; only 20 companies survived for 200 years and is still alive. The survey found that these 20 companies have a common feature of longevity is the strong learning ability. Those who do not know how short-lived study of companies in the world around environmental, technological, and social changes have taken place after, still according to old to do it. Although they financial, technical, personnel and other resources in everything, looks beautiful full, but in fact vulnerable. This shows the vitality of a business from corporate learning ability, and the corporate learning ability, the ability to learn from business people. As a guide the corporate culture, professional managers of learning ability is especially critical. The development of direct selling companies, direct sales manager for corporate look forward to building a high learning ability as the core of corporate culture, thus, direct their own learning ability managers will directly determine the significance of its direct selling business.

One thousand to ten thousand, said, with the direct marketing industry, direct selling business is business first, then we can talk about the characteristics of their business model. This requires managers to know how to direct across direct marketing, commercial understanding, corporate strategy, corporate culture, enterprise system, direct sales team building, corporate brand building, all familiar with. In addition to these solid foundation, rich management experience, good attitude to achieve the direct management of enterprise management to control and, more needs to be an extraordinary learning ability across direct marketing, to break the cocoon into a butterfly, flying over the sea.

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jsp, servlet talk about Chinese issues

In the jsp, the Chinese people to be terribly upset often garbled.

Common measures for Chinese processing, can often be seen in the main line is the following 2:


Virtual Small Dragon Pavilion is also mainly the above two kinds of methods were modified to become a 1.1 version.

A simple summary of the sample occurred in the Chinese and the following places:

1 with the Chinese in the url parameter can be directly read.

For example:

2 sql database relevant to the operation

Here the use of Access without problems.

3 to read HTML form submitted in the form of Chinese values

Need to be encoded in jswdk the more concise wording such as:

String name1 = new String (request.getParameter ("user_id"). GetBytes ("ISO8859_1"));

In addition, jdk1.3 support, do not join

In jdk1.2.2 below, even if the two kinds of methods used at the same time is also very unstable.

In the resin platform, the situation is better. As long as the first line of the page by adding:

Can correctly handle the Chinese.

If we add the code then it does not.

5 session included the Chinese

In jswdk, the strange thing is, if read from the form of encoded values can be displayed correctly;

However, given directly to Chinese values are not.

resin platform well, ibid.

6 for values of the variables assigned after the Chinese displayed correctly in Chinese.

For example, the following procedures:

Also jswdk1.0.1, above representation is not the problem in jdk1.2.2, but it can not be displayed under jdk1.3.

resin platform well, ibid, tested only in make up

Without the need to also be able to display Chinese correctly.


jswdk may only be used for general development, stability and other issues may not be as commercial software.

As the jdk1.3 version many times better than those jdk1.2.2, and also better support for Chinese, so it should be used.

As a free commercial software, resin is not only fast, stable, and automatically compile, mistakes can be pointed out that the line can support the use of server-side javascript, etc., but at least I think that the support of the Chinese language well.

Of course, if you can not do anything with the right will show the Chinese what we expected.

Also, I believe in the unix / linux / solaris should under no such problem.

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