Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What is the JPEG2000

Analysis: Chao-phase

Full name JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group, it is a International Standards Organization (ISO) engaged in a static image compression standard developed by the Commission. It worked out the first set of national standard still image compression standard: ISO 10918-1 JPEG is what we called a. As the JPEG fine quality, making it in just a few years and great success, the current site on 80% of the image is compressed using JPEG standard. However, with the proliferation of multimedia applications, the traditional JPEG compression technology has been unable to satisfy the requirements of the multimedia image data. Therefore, a higher compression ratio and more new features of next-generation JPEG 2000 still image compression technology was born.

JPEG 2000 is formally known as "ISO 15444", the same organization responsible for the development by the JPEG. Since March 1997 the planning, but a few years, the issue of delay in the algorithm selected a lot of time, it is widely expected to go to in December 2000 to develop JPEG2000 was completed in March 2000 at a meeting in Tokyo may be due to digital camera manufacturers put pressure on the final provisions of the basic coding system introduced earlier draft agreement was finally renamed as JPEG2001 without a.

JPEG2000 principle:

JPEG JPEG 2000 and the biggest difference between traditional, in that it abandoned the JPEG discrete used to convert the remaining string (Discrete Cosine Transform) block-based encoding, and used the wavelet transform (Wavelet transform)-based multi-resolution encoding. The main objective of wavelet transform to the image of the frequency components extracted. Simple diagram can refer to the diagram.

JPEG2000 advantages:

1, JPEG2000 upgrade as JPEG, high compression (low bit rate) is the goal, the JPEG compression ratio higher than about 30%.

2, JPEG2000 supports both lossy and lossless compression, while JPEG only supports lossy compression. Save it for important pictures.

3, JPEG2000 can achieve progressive transmission of JPEG2000 this is an extremely important feature. This is the GIF format images we often say "Starts" feature. It is the first outline of image transmission, and then gradually transfer the data to continuously improve image quality, so that images from the obscure to the clear display, but not necessarily the same as the current JPEG, shown from top to bottom slowly.

4, JPEG2000 support the so-called "region of interest" feature, you can specify the image you are interested in any area of the compression quality can also choose to specify some of the first extract. So that we can easily highlight the point.

JPEG2000 applications:

JPEG 2000 application areas could be roughly divided into two parts, a market for traditional JPEG, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.; an emerging application areas, such as network network transmission, wireless communications, medical images. The current enthusiasm for JPEG 2000 is the biggest digital camera maker that. JPEG JPEG 2000 and the obvious advantages compared to, and backwards compatibility, just around the corner to replace the traditional JPEG format.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

How I sold 1,000 cars, 200 sets of villas

It is said that the Chinese real estate tycoon, Pan Shiyi, the richest man is out from the countryside. I was out in rural areas, in the eyes of the old generational, rural people can be soldiers, that's pretty good, if the regularization of the energy officials, and the whole village would turn all the boiling, I think so.

But since I know Pan Shiyi, who is also the rural areas, he became the object of study in my heart, I know that rural people could be turned into Pan Shiyi.

I read that the University of International Trade, after graduation, in a second tier cities to find work. This work is in the local computer market stalls selling computer accessories. Could get more than 800 pieces a month, my first month's wages when the hand, heart felt extremely happy, I feel I am a city person, and I earn more than those who are home more. In this way, done a year or so, I think, should not seek greater development of some, after all, the time has come to get married, I need more money.

So I went to a car shop 4S candidates. During that time, simply run into a wall every day, almost all of the 4S shops are not giving me the opportunity, the general reason is that Mandarin is poor, the overall quality does not meet the requirements, poor personal image and so on. After several twists and turns, or a manager, my fancy will power, accept me, then that I embarked on a road vehicle sales.

Before the day playing with computer hardware, application software really know nothing about. The 4S shop called with a set of CRM software, the manager said to help increase sales. I am skeptical, a software company can make more money? The first time I heard such wonderful things, impressed, this software is called Odin CRM, is developed in Wuhan.

Just two weeks to work, the company gave me training, I also worked hard at learning the knowledge of vehicle sales. After the training, I am smooth as Mr. cars and embarked on work. At first, the sales work is not very smooth, I pains 2 months may not be able to sell one. Manager, a conversation with me, let me Fa Xian of the Zishen many problems, for example Shui Mouge customer Yi Qian came, Bingjutianxie a customer information card, the next he Zai came in, I could not remember this person is not to too. I feel like I have asked the manager what capacity should be increased, I simply do not come out of. Finally, he asked me a question, you provide the CRM with useless software ah? I said: never opened, what the thing can use. Followed by a manager, right about face in the lecture, told me that if you no longer need, then do not come to work next month!

I own all of the collected customer information card to fill all in the system. As long as there is free time, I see over and over again the information through the system provides some of the features of which customers are likely to buy a car, which is not possible. Then according to these results, for different customers into different energy. System, which the man called to do "sales funnel analysis" tool, through this function, I learned that he put into the basis of invalid customer's ability to very poor customers. For its own question, I have carried out a series of learning and effort.

This way, after 1 year, the statistics so I was startled - I sold a 1002 car! I did it! At the same time, I also have a new goal - real estate. After all, what car is only a few hundred thousand, a house which millions, tens of millions of it.

I came to Beijing, applicants to a real estate company, started my career in real estate sales. In my suggestion, also purchased a set of CRM software. Now I have a wife have children, have their own house, own car. Grateful that the software company, Wuhan, let me know CRM, thank them for helping me find the road to success.

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