Thursday, July 22, 2010

Basic connection fiber optic transceivers

Optical transceiver is a short distance to long distance twisted pair electrical signals and optical signals to be interchanged, Ethernet media conversion modules, in many places, also known as electron converter. Products are generally used in the Ethernet cable can not be covered, you must use optical fiber to extend the transmission distance of the actual network environment, and often located in the broadband MAN access layer applications.

In a traditional Ethernet connection from the role of the media are mainly twisted pair. Twisted pair transmission distance limit of about 200 meters, so a short distance constraints of network development, while twisted-pair influenced by electromagnetic interference, which no doubt the quality of data communication by the greater impact. The use of fiber optic transceivers, Ethernet connection in the media for the fiber. Low-loss optical fiber, high resistance to electromagnetic interference, in the network transmission distance from 200 meters Kuo Zhandao 2 kilometers or even tens of kilometers, hundreds of kilometers of Tong Shi Nai Zhi Yu, Ye Shu Ju communications to Zhiliangyouliao Jiaotaitigao. He makes servers, repeaters, hubs, terminals and terminals connected between the more simple.

In practical applications, fiber optic transceivers are mainly the following three basic connections:

1, ring backbone

Ring backbone network is built using SPANNING TREE characteristics within the metropolitan area backbone, this structure can be deformed as the network structure, suitable for high density metropolitan center of cell to form the core of fault-tolerant backbone network. Ring backbone network characteristics on IEEE.1Q and ISL support, can ensure compatible with most mainstream backbone networks, such as inter-switch VLAN, TRUNK capabilities. Ring backbone network for the financial, government, education and other industries form of broadband virtual private network.

Second, chain backbone

Chain-shaped backbone connection using chain-shaped light can save a lot of key number, for the edge of the city and their suburban areas high-bandwidth low-cost structure of the backbone network, the model also can be used for highways, oil, transmission line other environment. Chain-shaped backbone network characteristics on IEEE802.1Q and ISL support, can ensure compatible with the vast majority of the backbone network for the financial, government, education and other industries form of broadband virtual private network. Chain-shaped backbone network can provide images, voice, data and multimedia real-time monitoring integrated transmission network.

Third, the user access system

Users access the system using adaptive and 10Mbps/100Mbps 10Mbps/100Mbps automatic conversion feature, you can connect any client device, without the need to prepare a variety of fiber-optic transceiver for the network to provide a smooth upgrade. Also use half-duplex / full duplex and half duplex adaptive / full duplex automatic conversion, you can configure the client inexpensive half-duplex HUB, several times lower client network costs, improve the competitiveness of the network operators . Meanwhile, the device built-in switch core to improve the transmission efficiency of access equipment to reduce the network broadcast, control traffic, detect transmission failure.

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